Backyard Wedding Dress Styles

Are you planning a backyard wedding? This is a great way to enjoy an intimate event with a carefree feel. 

Most couples planning to wed in their backyard are typically looking for a more casual and simple style wedding. Fortunately, there are many backyard wedding dress styles that reflect these vibes, offering a sense of cohesiveness.  Fortunately for you, there are numerous dresses for your backyard wedding, no matter your budget and style. 

Read on to learn which backyard wedding dress style is right for you.

1. Bridal Suits

If you are a fashion enthusiast, this will be a perfect choice for you. There are various bridal suit styles that you can choose from depending on your taste and preference. 

Consider any of the following: 

  • Skirt suit

  • Belted blazer with flowing trousers

  • Single-breasted blazer

  • Blazer with lace sleeves

  • Allover lace suit

  • Classic white suit

  • And much more!

If there are flowers around your venue, you can incorporate this into your event and wear a floral skirt suit. Some skirt suits are made using light linen, which is great for helping you stay cool in hot summer weather, and you can wear them during the honeymoon or even afterward!

Wow your guests with a unique jumpsuit that will make a statement. For the best look when wearing suits for your wedding, make sure it’s fitted to your unique size.

2. Minimalist

Minimalism is all the rage nowadays, and you can easily adopt it as a theme for your wedding.  

A backyard event is all about relaxing in a simple atmosphere, and a minimalist backyard wedding dress will match this perfectly. A slip dress is an excellent choice for a minimalist bride. Wear it with statement earrings or avoid the drama with monochromatic shoes and personal jewelry. 

3. Modified Fitted Gown

You can’t ever go wrong with a modified fitted wedding gown when shopping for a backyard wedding dress. This style of dress has a chic look to it and comes in a wide number of materials to suit your preference. Whether you’re looking for something silky or more of a lace style, you’ll find this in a modified fitted wedding gown. 

Many brides feel their best and most comfortable in something more fitted. It’s important to just make sure that there is some sort of slit in the gown, as this will ensure you do not restrict movement. 

Mermaid, Fit and Flare and Trumpet silhouettes all have seams cutting across the bride’s leg area and can make it harder to walk in – so we recommend avoiding those three silhouettes and go for a modified fitted wedding gown that will still hug all your curves beautifully without forcing you to walk like a penguin all night! 

4. Midi Dress 

A midi dress is a beautiful choice for this type of wedding. We have brides that come into our bridal boutique in Nashville all the time who say to us that they want a dress where they are able to freely move around their backyard while eating, dancing, playing yard games, etc. Comfort is at the top of the priority list, and a midi dress is a great option for this! 

Besides having a vintage feel, a midi dress hugs your waist and goes well with most body types. Warm weather allows you to show off your legs and shoulders. It’s traditional and structured style makes it ideal for a wedding as well as an after-party. 

Attire Tips for Your Backyard Wedding

  1. Avoid Strapless Dresses: Backyard weddings typically come with an active reception, so to avoid constantly feeling like you have to tug on your gown to keep it on you all day, stay away from strapless dresses. 

  2. Consider the Weather: Stay away from heavy fabrics that will weigh you down and add heat if the temperature is on the warmer side. Consider light weight fabrics such as chiffon, organza and tulle.

  3. Consider Your Shoes: Avoid wearing anything too high, like a stiletto. Going with a flat, barefoot or chunky heel is ideal (and safe!)

Find the Backyard Wedding Dress of Your Dreams in Nashville!

When doing a backyard wedding, you can decide to keep it simple, or pick a dress that adds drama and an edge to your look. It all depends on your taste, budget, and the general theme of your wedding. 

All in all, it’s important to ensure that the dress or suit you choose to wear is made of light linen which will help you stay cool during the summer sun.