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Married at the Clementine | Nashville, TN. Kat wore Kelly Faentanini with photography by Jennifer Cody Photography and hair and makeup by One10Beauty

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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind setting for your big day, your search is over. Focused on design and facility, Clementine Hall, the award-winning wedding venue in Nashville, can provide the unique experience you need.

About the Clementine Hall in Nashville

Clementine Hall is made up of Adelaide Hall, Brash Courtyard, the Little Bird Lounge, three dressing rooms, and a catering kitchen. The awe-inspiring architecture will leave your guests feeling amazed and in the mood to celebrate with you until the early hours!

  • Adelaide Hall. Dating from the 19th century, Adelaide Hall is an immediately impressive church sanctuary with all the regalia. A vast space fitted with chandeliers, gothic windows, concert-quality audio, and even a working organ, this is perfect for a wedding meal that will blow your guests away.

  • Brash Courtyard. A New Orleans-style courtyard hidden away in Nashville, this cozy space allows your friends and family to mingle and catch up surrounded by nature, with climbing ivy, trees, and fountains.

  • Little Bird Lounge. Modernized to create an open-plan area, the lounge creates atmosphere with its arched windows and original brickwork.

  • Three Dressing Rooms. Give yourself some room to relax! Clementine’s dressing rooms will do the trick. Kick back and relieve the wedding stress with a television, audio, styling stations, and a pool table.

  • Catering Kitchen. Rest assured that your event will have everything it needs to provide comfort and good food for your guests. Ensuring that they enjoy their meal will guarantee their happy mood for the duration of your wedding.

If this Clementine Nashville wedding venue promises one thing, it’s a wedding your guests will never forget. Its dark and elegant atmosphere is evocative and striking, giving your event the distinctive touch that it deserves.

The Team Behind It

Run by Brenda and Dan Cook, self-professed lovers of unique design and history, you can count on having quality and style on your big day. They only work with approved vendors and give you total freedom in choosing the product, service, and price that’s right for you.

Name any essential for a night to remember – Clementine Nashville has got you covered. In addition to all of the above, set the scene with a fitted audio system throughout the property, a color-selectable lighting system, a 20-foot marble bar, Wi-Fi, two stages, and more.

Your Dream Wedding is a Phone Call Away

Contact Clementine Hall right away to book a beautiful, memorable wedding.

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