Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal

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Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal’s unique designs have won the hearts of brides-to-be the world over. Driven by passion, Elizabeth Fillmore and her team of designers create show-stopping wedding dresses, ensembles, and other bridal couture.

Designer Background

Elizabeth Fillmore attended Parsons School of design, graduating in 1993 with a dream of developing her own collection. The Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal label was launched back in 1999, and it continues to be a contemporary fashion house at the forefront of bridal couture. The bridal line was developed as an organic extension of Fillmore’s romantic and sexy evening dress collections.

Based in New York, her designs are inspired by modern brides looking for clear-cut, feminine pieces. From the start of her career, fabrics have always been essential to the Fillmore brand. The dresses are made of the purest silk of Italian and French couture materials, which makes her pieces more luxurious than other labels.

About the Bridal Designs 

While maintaining an instantly recognizable look and feel, the Elizabeth Fillmore bridal pieces cater to a variety of bridal preferences, as well as both conservative and eccentric clientele. The line includes designs with a boho-chic feel, whimsical detailing, and bohemian touches. They also include pieces that have a rock n’ roll edge and dresses with a timelessly elegant flourish.

Clients can expect to see details such as off-the-shoulder sleeves or puff shoulders, delicate embroidery, jeweled necklines, tulle overlays, and more. Some brides even go for Fillmore’s lace bodice with a satin, mermaid-design skirt to be topped off with a voluminous-sleeved crepe satin jacket, or her quintessential bias cut slip dress finished off with a charmeuse sash.


Fillmore expresses that since her bridal label’s inception, her designs are made for a constantly evolving clientele that develops with the ever-changing fashion landscape while still being “effortlessly elegant.” She designs for women who are independent in their thinking and vision, creative at heart and appreciate feminine sophistication.

Fillmore believes a bride desires to look and feel like a contemporary goddess on her wedding day, and she strives to make every dress feel as unique as each bride she designs for.

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