Graystone Quarry Wedding Franklin, TN

Graystone Quarry Weddings

Imagine waltzing down the aisle surrounded by a winter wonderland of snow-capped hills, a frozen waterfall, and an authentic stone lodge. Now that’s a dream wedding from the most romantic of imaginations. It could be yours if you book your event at Graystone Quarry Weddings. 

Although we highlight winter here, the estate is stunning during any season. The venue also boasts many unique features and touches to delight the heart and linger in the memory. 

Graystone Quarry Venue Features:

Scenic Landscape 

With a rich history, Graystone Quarry is set on 138 acres of gorgeous, reclaimed quarry land in Williamson County, Tennessee. The site boasts meadow and forest landscapes interspersed with natural ponds and streams. A large limestone cliff and stunning waterfall form the backdrop to all this. 

Personalized Decor

The landscape setting is undoubtedly impressive, but so are the facilities and atmosphere. Enjoy some old southern charm echoed throughout the venue via its antique and unique furnishings, handmade touches, graceful chandeliers, glass slide-away doors, and expansive undercover verandas. 

You’ll also have access to locally made wood and limestone décor accents at your custom-designed event. The building stone and woodwork are all done using the estate’s own resources. 

Modern Fixtures

Graystone Quarry Weddings are not without the essential mod cons as well. You’ll experience cutting-edge lighting, sound, and video systems with modern kitchen and restroom facilities. 

Why Couples Love Graystone Quarry

Besides its magnificent setting and convenient facilities, wedding couples love Graystone Quarry Weddings for its versatility. The venue can cater for large and smaller ceremonies and receptions. It’s also available for all other kinds of events, so it can also be the setting for your rehearsal dinner. 

Graystone Quarry is set up to be perfect in any weather conditions. You can close the glass doors and crank up the heating while admiring the winter view outside or open everything up to enjoy a summer evening. 

Recently labeled one of the “6 Most Amazing Places to Get Married in Williamson County”, the venue is totally different from anything else you’ll find in the area. 

Excellent Support

To top things off, the in-house wedding directorship is there to help you every step of the way and to bring your wedding dreams to life. They’ll help you style the event, choose a menu, and work on the proceedings for the big day. 

When your day arrives, all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy every special moment. 

Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown to Wear at Graystone Quarry

Now that you’ve found your ideal venue at Graystone Quarry Weddings, you can visit us at Ila Bridal in Nashville, TN, to find your dream wedding dress. No lady should have to accept second best on her wedding day – we’ll make sure you get the very best to suit your needs, personal style, and budget. 

Hi bride! Congratulations on this most exciting time in your life! We are so happy you found your way to Ila Bridal Studio 🙂 If you’re considering saying your vows at Graystone Quarry in Franklin, TN, we have a large inventory of off-the-rack wedding dresses that will perfectly match the Southern charm, artisan furnishings and handmade accents found at Graystone.