Halfpenny London Bridal

Kate Halfpenny, the artist behind the incredible wedding dresses from the Halfpenny London brand, has always been destined to be a designer. Kate confesses to being obsessed with dresses and fashion in general, which may be the reason she got a degree in fashion with marketing and manufacture.

Today, we’re focusing our wedding dress designer spotlight on Kate Halfpenny – her interests, inspirations, and what made her one of the hottest bridal gown designers today!

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Halfpenny’s Inspiration

While some designers turn to the latest trends to inspire their designs, Kate is inspired by art, architecture, and the beauty of nature. Instead of following trends, Kate tends to rebel against them. She also takes inspiration from textiles. These things make Kate’s design unique. Whether you are looking for something modern and sleek, classic and elegant, or fun and whimsical, you’ll indeed find a Halfpenny London bridal gown that’s going to make your big day even more magical.

Fabrics Used by Halfpenny

The fabrics used for every bridal creation by Halfpenny London come from various parts of the world. For instance, the silk that is often used for bridal gowns comes from Italy, and they wouldn’t source elsewhere because they love how it feels like liquid gold to the touch, and that’s the standard they want to maintain.

As you’ll see from their designs, Halfpenny London also loves using tulles and silk organza to create ultra floaty and ball gown-like silhouettes.

The Magic of Mix and Match

Perhaps it’s because of her many years as a stylist that Kate loves experimenting with layering and mixing and matching different textures and silhouettes. From adding chic jackets and blazers to throwing a sheer overskirt on top of wide-leg trousers and jumpsuits, there’s really no limit to what you can do with pieces from Halfpenny London’s various collections. Separates and bold embellishments make Kate’s designs what they are. Luxurious fabrics and flawless craftsmanship are what you can expect from Halfpenny London’s bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Sustainability Matters

Kate and her entire Halfpenny London team value sustainability. They make it a point to end up with as little waste as it is possible, finding ways to recycle and repurpose off-cuts into appliques or other design elements. Other leftover fabrics and materials are donated to schools.

Kate’s Tips for Brides to Be

  • Start dress-hunting at least a year before your wedding!

  • Order at least six months prior to your big day, so if anything needs tweaking, it can still be done.

  • While it may be challenging to set in-person meetings with designers given the current circumstances, it’s still advisable to speak with the designer so they’ll get a feel of who you are as a bride and understand what you really want from your gown.

Shop Halfpenny London Dresses in Nashville, TN!

Thanks to Kate’s unconventional approach to bridal fashion and design, Halfpenny London has won the hearts of countless brides around the world. With gowns and dresses that tell stories, which you’d want to wear even after the wedding is over, Kate’s designs are truly tangible magic. Her passion is to create garments that bring out the beauty of the wearer on their most special day.

Halfpenny London delivers bridal wear that women will cherish for the rest of their lives. The best part is that women looking for bridal dresses in Nashville have the chance to wear Kate Halfpenny’s unique designs.

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