Wedding Dress Designer Spotlight: Kelly Faetanini Bridal

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Weaving love stories into the wedding gown’s seams, Kelly Faetanini, has a penchant for transforming a couple’s narrative into a beautiful work of art. In her craft, romance comes in a wedding gown, one that tastefully marries classic and contemporary styles in her signature collections.

Kelly Faetanini: A Designer Synonymous with Grace, Natural Beauty, and an Edgy Allure 

The brand Faetanini had humble roots when she first started at 18-years-old, but even then, she felt that designing wedding gowns was her purpose. Thus, budding emotion set fire to her passion for turning a woman’s dream into reality through her bridal designs.

Chasing her whirlwind romance with the bridal fashion industry, Kelly Faetanini worked her way up and took the next step as she worked as an assistant designer at Priscilla of Boston, a sought-after bridal brand making waves in the industry during her time.

Taking charge of her vision as she dominates the New York Bridal Fashion Week as the youngest designer, she then boldly launched her brand in 2012 to make a stronger impact on the customers she wants to work for: women who want their personalities to be captured in her special day’s ensemble.

Kelly Faetanini: An Unbridled Vanguard of Inspired Style

Remaining true to her roots, Faetanini remained in contact with the wedding scene by establishing relationships with designers spanning the globe. This has allowed the brand to remain innovative in the bridal fashion industry, as they work closely with a diverse selection of designers to be at the forefront of bridal style.

She has amassed a collection that is as distinct and show-stopping as the team behind Faetanini herself by seeking out unique talent and working closely with them. Her garments focus on the chic, sexy, and graceful woman of today. Her creations celebrate the fusion of the classical and contemporary at the same time, which is consistent with her own style and personality.

Showcasing Kelly Faetanini’s Popular Collections and Collaborations

Her creations bear unique feminine silhouettes, with a touch of masculinity and a sense of timelessness. Whimsical yet modern, her designs are as intricate as airy and light.

The statement gowns are all conceptualized and hand-crafted by Kelly. The majority of her designs focus on using clean silhouettes to achieve understated elegance, with subtle touches of unique textures to ensure all eyes fall on the blushing bride.

Each complex design is worked upon by her personally, and she abides by the principle that no detail is too small, no stone should be left unturned. Her designs define the word “grace,” and the statement gowns she creates are the stuff of fairytales.

Willow: Kelly Faetanini’s Collection that Plays on Diversity 

Kelly Faetanini’s wedding dress collections are known for the diverse, innovative design that keeps modern brides looking effortlessly chic on their special day. Last season’s offering, Willow, is no exception – and truly one of our favorites! She has created a range of designs that play on the traditional ball gown silhouette, and she has infused the designs with touches of her signature touch.

The bridal gown collection is influenced by nature. Kelly’s designs are inspired by the ephemeral nature of flowers, how petals fall and float to the ground, and how branches flow with smooth textures. These delicate, soft elements are similar to the fluidity of fabric and the drape of the gowns, which enhance the feminine elements in the design. The collection offers a range of details and handcrafted touches that give the gowns an organic feel.

Kelly Faetanini: The Dream in Your Gown

Kelly Faetanini is inspired by the beauty of individuality, and she has set out to help women distinguish themselves from the crowd. Her vision is not to create just another beautiful bridal gown, but an ensemble that makes every bride glow with confidence.  In her designs, her clients can celebrate their origin, and the story of love that led them to their special day.

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