Lihi Hod Wedding Dress

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Wedding dress designs come in all shapes and sizes. As a bride, it’s so exciting to search from the options available and see the signature look from all kinds of designers on the market. But if variety’s what you’re looking for, Lihi Hod’s jaw-dropping wedding dresses might be one that’s catching your eye.

Known for her detailing and contemporary aesthetic, Lihi Hod uses the best fabric, beading, and other kinds of embroidery to bring her pieces to life. If you feel like the gowns in her collection are the ones for your own special day, be sure to inquire at a bridal shop near you and start looking at her gorgeous pieces!

For now, here’s an insider’s look into the background and mind of wedding dress designer Lihi Hod:

What’s Her History?

Lihi Hod is an Israeli fashion designer who graduated from Shenkar, Israel’s leading fashion design school. Coupled with her experience of working for Dior in Paris with fellow designer John Galliano, she founded and started her own bridal house in 2010. After 12 years, she’s truly made a name for herself in the industry.

Lihi Hod’s wedding dress launches have been successful, with some even winning her a variety of prestigious awards like the “Best Wedding Dress Designer in Israel.” She has also been known to feature her work at New York Bridal Fashion Week and selected boutiques all around the world for any lovely bride-to-be. With the right connections, you can definitely get the ideal dress for you.

What’s Her Approach?

Lihi Hod has always felt inspired to work directly with brides to figure out how the fabric should be draped, how the material should be positioned, and so on. She understands that every bride’s body and aura are different, so it’s essential to create one that brings out individuality. It could be A-line silhouettes for one, then a more flowy skirt for another.

Her general approach is more elegant and luxurious, bridging timeless beauty with more modern and contemporary work. As she describes, Lihi Hod’s wedding dresses would typically combine couture-quality, classic silhouette, and luxurious textures. Expect to feel and look rich while being comfortable all throughout, especially with how Lihi Hod utilizes silk and lace.

What’s Her Work?

Lihi Hod has a variety of different collections after more than a decade in the industry. However, a particular collection that can take any person’s breath away would be the White Blossom collection in 2020. Their stunning pieces simply exude romance and femininity.

There are about thirteen dresses in White Blossom, with each one showcasing such a carefree and flowy look, all the while making the bodice striking. Many would say that they have a bohemian look to a certain number of them due to the sheer details and craftsmanship.

The White Blossom Collection encompasses various places, inspired most by all kinds of love, traveling, and curiosity. Lihi Hod’s pieces aim to let brides feel like they’re on a journey of discovery, making it the perfect accompaniment to a wedding.

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Lihi Hod is a complete genius when it comes to creating dreamy dresses that are ultrafeminine and snug on your body. With the versatility and whimsical ambiance that her dresses can offer, they’re certainly worth considering for your wedding day.

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