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Marina Semone is a wedding dress designer with her very own bridal collection. She’s known for her unique, stylish flair and finely detailed pieces. However, she wasn’t always a wedding dress designer.

A Brief History

Marina Semone started her journey at the Parsons School of Design. She worked in the New York fashion circles for almost a decade. Here she developed fantastic skills that allowed her to branch off and start her own fashion journey.

It wasn’t until she got married herself that she considered designing wedding wear. She wondered what details she’d like in a wedding dress. Between being known for her fine detail work, and designs that were so effortlessly chic, she was able to start a wedding dress line that was not only high fashion but flattering for many types of women.

Many of these pieces are unique because they each have different customizable hand-embroidered patterns. All of these are drawn by Marina Semone herself, so they have an extra special touch of personalization.

Types of Marina Semone Dresses

Semone’s pieces always strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge designs and classic silhouettes to bring the best of both worlds to a bride. By using a variety of textures when creating dresses, she designs pieces that are well-crafted, sturdy, and elegant.

All Marina Semone’s dresses are customizable and made to order, so brides can guarantee that they are receiving something that fits their body perfectly. As for pricing, her wedding collection varies depending on the piece. Since they are handcrafted, they tend to be sturdier and well worth the investment.

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