Supporting Women in their Wedding Seasons and Beyond

I am here for YOU.

It’s that simple, babe.

Hi! I’m Ila Bastien, founder and owner of Ila Bridal.

Perhaps it’s because I was born on Valentine’s Day that this sweet little bridal shop was born out of love (no surprise there) and healing. I have been loved back from deep sorrow by the women in my life. They showed me how to love myself when I couldn’t. Women are the center of my universe and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I entered the bridal industry 10 years ago, I had no idea how loving women in their own vulnerabilities could bring so much life to me.

My healing brought about my passion: helping women see themselves for the divine beauties that they are. You are created with such value and charm. I believe to my very core that a woman should look and feel like herself – her most stunning self – always, and especially on her wedding day.

It’s the women in my life who have helped the most in shaping who I am today. From my grandma’s care in her craft of making dresses; to my mom’s constant love and support; to my twin sister and my older sister always being right there by my side; and the many other aunts, cousins, friends, and mentors along the way – I’m daily inspired to be for other women who my women have been to me.

And for that, I say again: I am here for you. With almost 20 years of experience in the fashion and textile industry, my expertise and my passion unite to serve brides just like you.

Now let’s find you a wedding gown that’s a reflection of your style, your personality and a celebration of who you are – from the inside out.

. . . and if your appointment happens to turn into a small therapy session, Darlin’, consider yourself a part of the club.