Pronovias Wedding Dress

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Pronovias is a luxury Barcelona bridal brand that has cemented itself in the fashion industry as one of the most renowned wedding dress designers. Their dresses boast elegance, premium quality and the most beautiful artistry. They are truly a WOW factor bridal brand and have been a trendsetter for bridal fashion for decades!

Our favorite thing about Pronovias here at Ila Bridal is their vast selection of gowns for every style of bride! Whether you’re looking for something lacy and bohemian, a classic crisp white ball gown or a little some-something that shows a little skin, you’re certain to find it (and much more) among Pronovias glamorous line-up!

In order to fully appreciate their accomplishments and where they stand today, let’s take a look at where it all began.

Pronovias: A Brief History

Pronovias is a family firm with humble beginnings in El Suizo, a renowned store in Barcelona founded by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste in 1922. The store specializes in embroidery, lace, and high-quality silk fabrics.

What started as a family business evolved into what is known today as Pronovias. In 1964, Alberto Palatchi Ribera came into the picture and helped pioneer the creation of the first prêt-à-porter bridal fashion. Back then, it was revolutionary since it made wedding dresses more accessible to all women.

In the 1980s, the brand expanded into other countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. Eventually, the company also entered the Asian and American markets. By then, the business really took off. By 2004, the company started to bring in prestigious designers, including Hannibal Laguna, Miguel Palaco, and Lidia Delgado. In 2008, their flagship store opened in New York. At present, Pronovias Bridal has 163 stores in 105 countries.

During the 70s, the brand had 50 franchises that shared the values of its original store, which guarantees a unique shopping experience. And this philosophy has reached every corner of the world.

After the death of Pronovias’s creative director, Manuel Mota, in early 2013, his mark on the fashion industry remained. Today, Pronovias wedding dresses are some of the most sought-after bridal wear globally. The Spanish design firm is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary and continues to be proudly family-operated. Their dresses are characterized by their extraordinary and lavish designs and their fine fabrics.

In 2021, Pronovias Group signed an exclusive ten-year licensing agreement with Vera Wang. The addition of Vera Wang Bride to the brand’s portfolio solidified the group’s reputation as the undisputed innovator and leader in luxury bridal fashion.

Ila Bridal Studio’s Talented Wedding Dress Designers

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Every Ila bride looks for something unconventional that isn’t seen all over Pinterest. Every wedding dress we carry is sold right off-the-rack. Our bridal shop in Nashville, TN, considers how the fabrics are made and the process of how they are created. We look for emerging, independent designers committed to meeting high standards in the sourcing, manufacturing, and designing process.

Shop Pronovias Wedding Dresses for Sale

When you’re buying a wedding dress, you need to consider the design and the fabrics used to make them. Do they come from a reputable manufacturer? Are the designs created by a promising designer? It would be best to find like-minded partners when choosing bridal dress shops in Nashville, TN.

Ila Bridal Studio prioritizes the creative property of designs and avoids knockoffs. We are committed to making ethically made and accessible bridal dresses in Nashville, TN. We believe that purchasing the dress of your dreams should be fuss-free, and we commit ourselves to make that possible for you. For inquiries, contact us today.