Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Wedding Dresses

If you’re looking to plan an eco-friendly wedding, you’re in the right place! It is well-known how much waste a typical wedding produces, from disposable plastics to single-use decorations. 

The biggest downfall for sustainable weddings is the bride’s dress: where a beautiful, expensive, elegant gown is worn only once. 

But there are ways to get the gown of your dreams without sacrificing your eco-friendly values. Below is some more information on how you can incorporate sustainable practices into your wedding dress shopping. 

Curated Selection Boutiques

In the wedding dress industry, it’s common practice to mass-produce a few common styles every year. They then throw away any of these garments that don’t get purchased, resulting in the waste created by fast fashion trends. 

But when you shop boutiques with a carefully curated selection of unique designs, you can be assured that they’re committed to getting each designer gown into an eager bride’s hands — not the trash. 

At Ila Bridal, we only work with top designers who offer unique designs. This means that we don’t have mass-produced pieces that will get thrown out. Our carefully curated inventory is put to good use.  

Recycled Materials

Another way to enjoy a unique dress without waste is to use recycled materials in your gown. This way, you’re not relying on newly made materials. This reduces your demand and allows you to reuse what’s already been created — a far more sustainable alternative to mass-produced gowns. 

At Ila Bridal, we have top designers to choose from. When you come to our store, we can discuss our offerings and which have been designed with sustainability in mind by reusing materials from previous gowns. 

Wear a Pre-Owned Dress

Wedding dresses can be preserved and saved for years while staying in the same great condition, so you won’t lose any of the high quality it was originally made with. 

Similarly, renting a wedding dress will help reduce the amount of waste produced by your wedding, and it can save you the cost of buying a brand-new garment as well. However, you’ll want to only rent from a trustworthy source to ensure you’re getting something worthy of your special day. 

Discover Sustainable Wedding Dresses at Ila Bridal

Weddings don’t have to produce tons of waste when you carefully consider all your options. 

Getting a ‘green’ wedding dress will help reduce waste and make the environment a better place after you get married! You can find many options at Ila Bridal that will make you and the planet happy for your big day.