The Cordelle Nashville

Looking to tie the knot in beautiful Nashville? Look no further than The Cordelle. This venue is charming and modern, with an intimate atmosphere perfect for creating a memorable wedding day.

Here’s what you can expect from The Cordelle Nashville experience.

A Romantic Space For Couples

Opened in 2014, The Cordelle is a trending venue with access to several rooms, each offering a unique mood. The venue hosts 400 guests and includes the following rooms: 

  • The Victorian.

This space dates from the 1800s, showcasing vintage Nashville architecture and providing an impressive entrance to your wedding.

  • The Great Hall.

An elegant open-plan area with lots of natural light, this could be used as a room for your meal and toasts, or even for the main event.

  • The Furnished Loft.

After celebrating throughout the day, invite your loved ones to relax and chat about your big event in this cozy, mood-lit space complete with a lounge, suite, dining area, bar, and private bathroom.

  • The Garden.

Fill your big day with natural beauty with the 5000-square-foot lawn outside the venue. Perfect for cake-cutting, or for mingling throughout the day. This stunning outdoor space will make your guests feel at ease and give them room to relax.

The team at The Cordelle Nashville makes sure their clients pursue their creative wishes for a personalized wedding day. They play on their experience in the creative arts to make the event a night to remember. 

Convenient and Beautiful Location

Located in downtown Nashville, make your wedding easily accessible for the people you love. The venue provides parking to accommodate everyone. After all, an easily accessible venue is listed as one of the vital factors in keeping your guests happy, while keeping stress off the bride and groom.

The Cordelle Bar Experience 

If you’re looking for a first-rate bar for your wedding, your search is over. At The Cordelle, a mixologist will help you create a signature cocktail for your event. This gives your wedding a personal touch you and your guests will enjoy. 

You also have full creative control over the wine and beer selection, with choices available from all over the world, or close to home. 

What Are You Waiting For?

The Cordelle Nashville wedding venue offers a memorable experience for happy couples. Contact them for a tour to get started on the wedding of your dreams!

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