What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

A long-awaited day is finally approaching; shopping for your wedding dress! While incredibly exciting, this day can also be very overwhelming and stressful. It is a big step in the wedding planning process, and there is a lot of pressure to choose the right wedding dress. 

Come prepared to help ease any stress of the day and make it a smooth and positive experience. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what to wear wedding dress shopping: 

  • Express Yourself

Wear an outfit you feel confident in. Whether it is white or not, choose clothing that is camera ready and start your day off right with a smile! 

Also, consider doing your hair and makeup in a matter similar to that of your wedding. Having your hair and makeup look nice will help you picture the complete look when trying on dresses. 

  • Easy On and Off

You will be changing in and out of gowns all day. Often, you’ll change back into your street clothes and leave the changing room to look at the different gowns available again. 

When considering what to wear while wedding dress shopping, wear something simple, comfortable, and stretchy to easily slip in and out of your outfit in the dressing room. 

  • Undergarments

When you are wedding dress shopping, a bridal consultant, a friend, or a family member will be in the dressing room to help you get in and out of the dresses. Remember this fact when choosing your undergarments for the day to properly decide how covered you want to be. 

Choose nude or light-colored garments so they do not show through dresses and distract you from the beautiful gowns. 

If you have a particular pair of undergarments, shapewear, or a bra in mind for the big day, bring it to see how it works with your potential dresses. 

  • Shoes

Bring a pair of heels or flats, similar to those you want to wear on your special day. Preferably choose ones that are easy to slip on and off, so you or your bridal consultant do not need to bend down to secure the shoe. 

No need to worry about heel height; all dresses can be hemmed to your specific height with your chosen shoe after you’ve purchased the dress. 

  • Jewelry and Accessories  

An important aspect of your look to remember is your accessories. If you have jewelry or a veil picked out, wear it or bring it to your bridal consultation to see how it looks while wedding dress shopping. 

Perhaps it is your mother’s wedding veil or your grandmother’s necklace. Bring anything you are planning on wearing for your wedding day as it should pair well with the dress you choose.

Wedding Dress Shopping in Nashville, TN

Having your look together head to toe will help you picture yourself on your wedding day and help you decide on your perfect dress. 

Overall, when deciding what to wear wedding dress shopping, remember that the most important thing is a smile and positive attitude. This is one of the most exciting times in your life, and finding your dream dress is one of the most fun parts of the process!  

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