Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping?

Wedding dress shopping is such an exciting time for a bride! There are many styles to choose from and there may be many people who want to accompany you for your special moment.

How do you decide who to take wedding dress shopping? What wedding dress shopping etiquette do you need to follow? 

We’ve made a quick guide that will answer all your questions!

Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette

You may have heard advice encouraging you to try on multiple dresses from multiple shops, but is there a certain number of wedding dresses you should try on before selecting your dream dress? While it’s up to you, it’s recommended to book no more than one appointment per day and only book one to two appointments, in general, to avoid getting overwhelmed and confused (trust us, it happens quicker than most brides realize). Research the bridal shops you are interested in visiting, making sure you are a good fit according to style, budget, and timeline. One important thing to keep in mind is to book your bridal appointment when you are seriously shopping and ready to find it. The truth is, it’s a waste of everyone’s time to start looking too early “just for fun” and always leads to confusion, indecisiveness and frustration.

For some brides, the first dress they try on is the one (and it makes for a great story). For others, it takes a few different styles to find the right one. The important thing is to trust your instincts and trust your vision for the wedding.

Invite Close Family & Bridesmaids

When thinking about who to take wedding dress shopping, it can be very overwhelming! Especially if you have a lot of friends and family who wish to be a part of every moment. In reality, it’s simply not possible to have every important person in your life with you when you try on dresses. In fact, too many people (and opinions) can take away from what YOU truly want.

Invite people that are truly going to support YOU, what YOU want and what YOU envision for your wedding gown. Be selective! Don’t invite people out of obligation. Try to keep your invitees to less than 3 people to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. We love a great girl gang but the truth is, the days of bringing 10 people with you to your bridal appointment are long gone. The fewer people at the appointment typically results in the bride being happier, staying true to her style and not being influenced by opinions that at the end of the day don’t matter!  You want people there who will genuinely support you and make it the most enjoyable experience, not someone who may critique everything you try on.

Take a Moment for Yourself

If it all gets overwhelming, or you want to take everything in, consider going solo. Some brides think it may be weird, however, it’s more like shopping with your bridal stylist bestie who is there to help you. The most magical moments happen when a woman shops alone and confidently chooses her own gown. What matters most is that you love your wedding dress, so having time to yourself to look will help you solidify your wedding vision.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know some of the do’s and don’ts of wedding dress shopping etiquette, you can make the most of your shopping trip so that you enjoy every moment and find your dream dress! Trust yourself and consider your confidant’s opinions, but the final decision ultimately rests with you.

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